The Leaking Hedgies of Crenchaw County    2012
It’s still hot in Tucson. In Cincinnati the leaves are orange and I build fires every day. We are all in translation.
      Daughter: Should I cut out the big leg leggy?
      Father: Big leggy lives.
      Daughter: Well yes, but…..… how would I do such a thing?

      Father: Get in touch with the theoretical sand diver.
      Daughter: Tudi Pantses of Pantsyville?
      Father: The Leaking Hedgies of Crenchaw County.  Deep below the surface, in the hydrothermal vent communities,
      a moving body goes from one place to the next and repeats. We are always in transition.

      Smile with core and be aware of nonverbal communication. Soon you’ll be getting the miniatures.
      Townsfolk chant in unison: In other words... So anyway… In other words… So anyway…